Jamie Oliver – Fish Bake



I borrowed this recipe from Mr. Oliver and added my own home made Salsa Verde and roughed up a little garden salad – was such an easy and fairly cheap mid week meal. MOO likes his fish so I knew it would be a winner and reduce the arguing for the evening.


4 Large prawns

2 Salmon fillets

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil



2x Lemons, cut in quarters

1x Red chilli

1x Clove of garlic

1x Tin anchovies

8x Cherry tomatoes


  1. Place the fish in the roasting tin
  2. Add half the anchovies and the anchovy oil to the tray
  3. Add the cherry tomatoes, asparagus and lemon quarters
  4. Top with olive oil and salt and pepper – give everything a good rub and mix about
  5. finely slice the chilli and toss over the bake
  6. Top with basil and pop the garlic in the amongst the fish
  7. Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes

I cannot remember what Jamie serves his with but I had salsa verde in the fridge from a previous meal and topped mine with that

the salad was simple, some roast potatoes, cherry tomatoes and rocket.

My only suggestion, and lesson learned with this meal is to peel the prawns before serving them to children – they might look impressive but when that little face looks up at you with the “what on earth have you served me this for” look and a prawn head sticking out of his mouth – they suddenly loose their appeal!! Luckily for me this didn’t put MOO off and he got to eat my prawns also!!



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